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I never thought I could have a tan, I am so pale naturally and I would always burn in the sun.  I am so excited about the spray tan I got today from Spray of Sunshine!  I look so natural and for the first time in my life I have a BEAUTIFUL TAN!  I feel FABULOUS!!! All of you eligible bachelors watch out ;-)

-Nichole S., New Lenox

I had my first tanning appointment with Spray of Sunshine last week. I have been a "tanning addict" for the last ten years, and thought I would give the spray tanning a try. I have heard mixed reactions, so I was skeptical. I also have used many different sunless tanning lotions, and have had no luck! They have always turned out to be very uneven and turned me orange rather than that golden glow I was looking for. So last week I met with one of the consultants from Spray of Sunshine to get my golden glow. I was very impressed with the professional service I received. She was very knowledgeable and helpful!!! It didn't take very long to be sprayed (maybe ten minutes). Also, this company makes house calls (how great is that). So once she was finished spraying me, I checked myself in the comfort of my own home and was very satisfied. I let the consultant know that she did an excellent job, and that was it! The tan looked beautiful!!! I had people asking me where I went for vacation because the tan looked so real and perfect. The tan lasted for about a week, and I am ready to make my next appointment! Thanks Spray of Sunshine!!!!

- Carrie, Tinley Park

Changed My Life

This was my first time getting the spray on tan and I love it!!!! I was nervous that I would stick out like a sore thumb going from pure white to this beautiful tan, but I was wrong. The consultant took her time explaining everything to me, being very thorough so it looked natural and not too much, there were no blotches or lines, it was perfect. I wore a strapless dress for the first time in my life and I got so many compliments all night.

Karen R.

Perfect Spray Tan!!! I had a custom spray tan with Spray of Sunshine a couple days ago. I am amazed at how great I look. The tan and color is perfect and no one can even tell it is a spray on tan. (I have gotten sprayed in booths in the past with poor results) My skin is glowing and I look and feel fantastic! The girl who sprayed me made me feel very comfortable and was very professional. A+ for service!  

-Kelly C., Tinley Park                                                                          

I love my spray tan I received a few weeks ago. Kristen was awesome. She did a great job. I'm looking forward to my next spray tan very soon. The best part was the results I received after the spray tan was completed. It looked great. My family noticed a difference right away.

-Amy K., Orland Park

Can’t wait to go back...

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my spray tan from Spray of Sunshine. It was so natural looking and lasted well through the weekend, even after swimming. I will be sure to use Spray of Sunshine for my upcoming wedding and events that will be associated with it.

Kim V.

I just did the spray tan for the first time ever today for a party that my friend Colleen had. I wanted to let you know that it was amazing, and I will never tan in a bed again. Your staff was extremely professional and made the experience very comfortable.

Amy A.

Blotchy free. Very friendly service.

The Spray was fantastic.  The step by step process is showed to you to calm your nerves.  No orange equals great success! Everyone was so sweet there.  The best part is that they customize the spray, so you won't be orange.

Katie P.

I love the custom spray tan! The technicians make you feel really comfortable and they do a wonderful job! It looks amazing!  The best is how real it looks!  I will recommend Spray of Sunshine to my friends!

Jade W.

This was my first spray tan experience and I was very impressed at the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. I felt very comfortable! Every detail was explained thoroughly and was thrilled at the option of an organic spray tan. Organic and natural products are extremely important to me and am pleased that they offer this option. the staff is very friendly, well informed and professional. The location is very clean and comfortable. I was so pleased with the results that I brought my mother in for a spray tan as well. Due to a medical condition, she can't be in the sun- so this was the first time in years that she had some nice color. She is so happy to know that this is an option for her now!  I also like the idea of a mobile spray tan booth. I plan on having a party in my home with them!

Deborah P.

Spray of Sunshine is Great! Ron and Nicole were very helpful and answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. The tan always looks very natural and is even. I wish you had a facility closer to my house in Lisle.

Ellen Trainor

Excellent Service!  The girls who came to my house were very professional and friendly.

I love the convenience of in-home service.

Cheryl H.

This was my first experience with spray tanning. Nichole put my concerns and uncomfortable feelings about my body at ease. I am very appreciative of that. She was fabulous! I did not turn orange at all! It has been almost six days and it has barely faded.  I plan on returning in two weeks.  Nichole was very down to earth and made me feel very comfortable. My tan was even and perfect.

Thank you

Brittany Williams

The experience was great. My tan seemed really dark to me the first day, but the next morning it looked really nice and natural. I will definitely be back.

Jennifer Spero

Excellent! I have cancer and can only use artificial tans. I've tried home, do it yourself items - hard to cover all the places evenly and then I have to wait for it to dry.

The custom tans are the best. They are even and the darkness you desire. Also, you are dried at the same time so you can leave without feeling sticky. It's modern looking and the staff seems knowledgeable. Also it is a clean facility and the people are friendly.

Connie Walkowski

My sister and I had it done for my daughter's wedding and we were very pleased with the results!

I thought the technician was very prompt and professional.  I liked that they came to the house.

Janice C


Did it for a wedding in August and will do it again for a wedding in October. Loved it! It was such a beautiful and perfect golden color...I want to be that tan ALL the time. Beautiful. Can't wait to get it again.

Dawn Wilczek

Katie is amazing and she did a great job. I had no streaking at all! My tan was absolutely amazing! I have gotten spray tans in the past from other salons and this was the first one where I looked like I had actually been out in the sun and I did not look orange.

I coach cheerleading in the area and I refer all of my girls to you.

Sarah Szablewski

The woman who did the airbrushing was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. She was very knowledgable about spray tanning and gave me a lot of useful information. The tan lasted 7 days! No streaks.

Jaclyn Townsend

IT WAS WONDERFUL. STAFF WAS VERY PLEASANT AND HELPFUL. The Tan looked amazing. The atmosphere was also very nice, and I think it is a great concept

Cara Baffo

Excellent Service! Very helpful and great results!

It's conveniently located and a great alternative to tanning beds! Spray of Sunshine gives me the "glow" I need to look my best!

Jamie Boswell

I love it! I will never tan in a bed again! It looks natural. It's easy, fast, and lasts a week.

Colleen Lynch

I loved my air brushed tan. I got so many compliments. The employees were very friendly and helpful.

I was very impressed.

Kelly Musial

I was referred to Spray of Sunshine by a friend.  The service was fantastic. Everyone was very professional, courteous, and made me feel very comfortable. The staff explained the process and tan maintenance thoroughly.  The tan itself is phenomenal! I was very nervous since it was my first spray tan, but I was impressed at the quality and the color. I received many complements about how natural the color looked.

Lauren P

The Customizable tan is fantastic!  My technician was knowledgeable, friendly and did a great job!

Jennifer Jordt

Spray was very good and lasted longer then expected.

Alexandra Dazzo

I love the custom airbrush tan. It gives me the best color without having to expose my skin to harmful rays. After years and years of tanning beds, I will never go back.  I like that you get a quick tan and your in and out in less than 20 minutes and you get a great all around color.

Lauren Cortes

I had such a great experience! Nicole was my original tech, and was so good. It was a very hot day and when I went back in to get something I forgot, Katie noticed a little streak that formed. She immediately said, " We want you to look good, lets fix that." AMAZING! So, thoughtful and considerate. I will come back. I could not be happier ....thank you ladies!

Victoria L

As a result of trying for decades to get a tan, I ended up with skin cancer on my face between the ages of 30-35 in three separate places. I'm a middle-aged woman who has never had a tan in my entire life, until now. The ladies always make me feel VERY comfortable and are always so friendly. I have a very unpredictable schedule and they always do their best to accomodate me. Take it from me - I see women of all shapes, sizes and ages, including me, at Spray of Sunshine...and we all leave looking fabulous.

Christina Urbanski

It took only about 10 minutes. I liked the way Kristen did my face in 3 sprays, giving me a chance to breathe between sprays. My tan looks great--no splotches. I told Kristen that I wanted a light tan, and that is exactly what she gave me.

Pam White

I love my tan!! Nicole was awesome! It was my first time and she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. My tan turned out great going back for sure. Thanks to Spray of sunshine I will look tan and beautiful on my wedding day!

Very professional and great customer service!

Brittany Pauls

I searched for months to find the most amazing white wedding dress, but knew I didn’t want my pasty skin to match it.  I wanted to look perfect for my wedding, so I got an airbrush tan from Spray of Sunshine.  I was showered with compliments on my wedding day on how I never looked better, and that my skin was glowing.  I had over 400 guests at my wedding and not one of them could tell I had a spray tan.  I shared my secret with my friends and bridesmaids; we will all be regular customers!  Thank you for making me feel comfortable and look amazing.  

-Rachel M., Chicago


The technician was very friendly and explained everything in great detail which made me feel very comfortable. I loved the way it turned out. No streaks on my feet and hands. Also, I was not orange at all. Highly recommend it to anyone.

-Dawn F., Orland Park

White Today Tan Tomorrow! 

The technician was Great! Friendly, informative & nice. The tan looked great! It wasn't orange and there were no streaks or buildup. Highly recommended!!!

-Melissa C., Orland Park

Why didn’t I think of this!

Wow...What a great service. Treated my Mother prior to my brothers her legs would be tan haha and no nylons needed. Katie who provided the service was a doll, made mom totally comfortable. And the results were WOW. Later with the tanning beds. You have got to try this service!

Karen D., Tinley Park

I have always wondered about the spray on tan and now I know. It is fantastic. Easy, quick and the gals were very professional and fun. I was referred by a friend who said they were great and I'm glad I tried Spray of Sunshine.

Carol E., Darien

5 Stars!  The technician was very warm and friendly but professional at the same time. The sheet with all the guidelines was very helpful along with the list of which products to use and not to use.

-Jadwiga K., Homer Glen

Love it!

I love spray of sunshine. I think the concept is great and the tan is always even and lasts just the right amount of time that I need it for! I definitely will continue to use the service!

Sarah H., Tinley Park

Wonderful!  Having Spray of Sunshine come out to my home was a great experience! They were very professional, explained every step in detail and the results were amazing. It's so nice to have an alternative to bed tanning!

Jen V., Lowell

Using Spray of Sunshine was a fantastic experience! The tech was very professional and mad me feel completely at ease. Having them come to the house was so great! I didn't have to worry about getting a babysitter! I will definitely continue to use Spray of Sunshine!

Elizabeth, Lockport

I LOVED MY SPRAY TAN!! I didn’t turn orange and that was what i was most scared about. I looked great and I got complimented every where I went. I would like to schedule another session.

Amy K., Worth

Srap of Quality

I throughly enjoyed my spray tan and the quality of the product. The customer service was excellent and the spray tan session took less than 15 minutes. I also liked that the employee went above and beyond because she spotted a smudge in the tan and immediately corrected it. The tan tent was very sanitary and overall I would recommend Spray of Sunshine to anyone in search of a aesthetically pleasing tan without the risk of skin damage!

Lauren S., Mokena


This was the first time I ever tried an airbrush tan, and it was far better than I ever expected. The convenience of having them come to my home was wonderful. I am so happy with the results too, I was skeptical and worried about looking orange being that I have fair skin and freckles, but it really looks natural, Nichole did a great job, I can't wait to do it again!

Amy M, Plainfield

Hooked on Spray of Sunshine : )

This was my first time to experience airbrush looks like I have been tanning for weeks when really it was like 10 minutes. Love the fact that I didn't have to spend hours in the sun and avoided all the health risks. For sure going back for more. Really nice place and people. Check it out you will be hooked!

Agnes N.

The girls are so nice and welcoming!  I have had the custom airbrush and absolutely love it! I bought a package so I know I will be back again soon!!

Nicole Barry

I was referred by my Aunt that works at the dermatologist across the street.  I enjoyed getting my spray tan very much, it was a lot quicker than I had thought it would have been. The tan also, in my opinion lasted much longer then going to a tanning bed.

I love how long the tan lasts, and also how natural and healthy the tan made me look.

Lindsay Leif

My experience was excellent! Not only was the girl helpful and kind in sharing information about spray tans, but she made me feel most comfortable unclothed. The color that the spray gives me. Very natural and not blochy. I would also thinks the smell isn't as bad as a Mystic smell gives off. I can hide the smell at an event.  I also love your websites! Creative and catchy. I'd like to shout out to the business entrance. The appearance makes me feel like I'm walking into a salon in Los Angles.  I always feel like I'm leaving a star.

Carla Dvorak

I love your tanning salon. I am extremely pale and I cannot go in tanning beds. The tans I get from Spray of Sunshine are beautiful! The staff is wonderful as well. Once one of the girls actually pulled my car up to the front of the store when it was raining so I wouldn't ruin my tan. That is wonderful customer service!

Maggie Colston

I really enjoyed my experience. I have been here a few times and I have always been happy with my spray tans.

I like the fact that the tan looks very natural and it is a lot safer than actually tanning.

Jen McKiernan

Amazing! I have tried countless of spray tans, products etc but never was satisfied enough....Can't believe I have finally found the place that'll have my business forever!

The perfect realistic tan lasts a good week and never looks completely tacky while it's fading. It's flawless!

Kim Vargas

I was very surprised how natural my tan looked. I will definitely spray tan again and probably never tan in a bed again.  It was fast and easy.  I passed out your cards to my friends at work. They were amazed at my color. They thought I'd be orange...and I wasn't!

Mary Bullard

Excellent!! I am so very pale, I never thought I could have a tan this beautiful. My sisters are so jealous - they will be booking appointments next week. I will be back to get a bit darker too!!! Spray of Sunshine is so convenient - just a few minutes and you're done. No more tanning beds for me!! Thanks for the great service.

Judy Delbovo

LOVE the custom airbrush. I look like I just got back from Mexico:)

Tina Holba

I love spray of sunshine! The staff, owners are always very professional, and informative, and gives me a level of confidence from the very first time I went to assure me this tan will be spectacular. (no streaking, orangy look or fakie look) And they were right, I received compliments constantly when I get spray tanned. What a great products, healthy and safe. Thank You! I just wish you were a little closer to me so I could spray tan on a weekly basis!

Donna O’connell

I loved it! I am 14 years old and have a very pale skin color. I have 2 summer parties to go to this weekend and want to look tan, I was scared at first thinking it would be streaky or too dark, and I LOVE IT! I cant wait to go back again. Kristin was the one that spray tanned me and she told me everything I needed to know. She was very nice and knew exactly what to do. I Love Spray of Sunsuhine!!

The staff, and the place, it is sooo nice and sparkly! Makes you feel happy when you walk in! And you end up leaving happier because you are so tan and healthy looking!

Kylie o'Connell

Spray of Sunshine is Excellent !

They have the best Spray tan result, Courtesy and Professionalism of the staff.Wish there was spray of sunshine location - closer to where i live.

Joanna Proszek

I enjoyed my experience with Spray of Sunshine very much. Before attempting my first spray tan i was unsure as to what to do. All of my questions were answered with the friendly service that I received.

Sarah R

Excellent. I am going back to buy an unlimited air brush tanning package. I felt Nice and comfortable I felt with the employees.

Kim Redek

Excellent!! The employee was professional and sweet and I LOVED the results. The results are so natural looking and being tan makes me feel better. It is also so easy to make an appointment with an online option.  This is an excellent high quality custom air brush tan. i am thrilled that this available in mokena.

Chris Guide

Absolutely amazing! I have never been dissapointed! Love how long the tan lasts and the friendly/knowledgeable staff.

Colleen R.

I was a little nervous at first because it was my first airbrush tan.  I had a bad experience with a booth before where I turned orange and streaky. But I heard about spray of sunshine and had to try it for an upcoming wedding and all I have to say is amazing. I've gotten nothing but compliments people can't even believe it's just a spray tan. I've recommended it to everyone I know and I will definitely be back.

Kelli Bosi

I am very happy with my results.  Loved the Groupon!!! I liked the hand (spray) application as well as the time they spent making sure that it was done right.  I would recommend this place to friends/family and even strangers.

Nicole George

I was so nervous about being orange or streaky that I requested a "spot test". It looked great so I went back for a full spray tan. Both technicians were very professional and informative. My coworkers have not stopped commenting on how great the tan looks. No more florescent white legs for me!! And no need for panty hose in the summer. "Casper" now has a beautiful glow.

Carolyn Heyman

The first thing I check is the cleanliness. This place was spotless! I love the decor in the waiting room. It was busy but the girls handled it very well. She promptly took care of every customer. Another employee came in and showed me to my room. She put up with all my stupid questions about the mystic tan! I would definitely recommend this place and will go back.

Anna Panico

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation!

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